Battlefield Premium is $60, out on June 29 — retailer

Yet more details on the rumored Battlefield Premium have surfaced ahead of next week’s E3. Retailer is the source this time (via), offering up pricing and a launch date for the service.

Set to be available as of June 29th, gaining early access to all of Battlefield 3‘s DLC and owning all possible extras will set players back £35, or $60. All put together, that’ll get you 20 new maps, 20 new weapons, 10+ new vehicles, 4+ new game modes, 30+ assignments and 20+ dog tags. “Premium Benefits,” which include skins, camos etc., are also offered.

The mentioned content is/will be available separately as well (minus the Premium Benefits), through add-ons Back to Karkand (out now), Close Quarters (June), Armored Kill (September), and End Game (December). Another, a yet to be announced, add-on is rumored for early 2013 as well, called Aftermath.