Gearbox sings praises of Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U

It’s kind of easy to forget that Nintendo of all companies is kicking off the next-gen of consoles. Despite buzz that the specs won’t be that great, the fact remains that they’re the first company to get a new console to the public in about six years. And at this point, times are desperate. But according to a recent interview with Gearbox Software Senior Producer Brian Burleson, who’s been hard at work on Aliens: Colonial Marines for the system, it is indeed a “powerful, powerful machine.”

Like all other developers, they can’t divulge what we really want to know, like specs, features, release dates, and the like. But apparently nothing’s stopping them from giving impressions of the development process on the machine, and Gearbox’s experience sounds resoundingly positive.

Burleson calls the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines the best-looking amid the console releases due to its “more modern tech,” sure, but he also gives a few other interesting points. Burleson states it was “pretty easy” to develop for the system, and shares some excitement over the new controller.

“Now the interesting thing is finding out all the cool ways you can use the controller to do new stuff with it. You can imagine all the cool things we can do, with this franchise and having a thing with you, right?”

Surely that screams motion tracker to anyone who has seenĀ Aliens, but Sega cut the chat short before revealing what else they had in mind for the controller.

Sounds good to me. Sure, not much new information, but it’s good to hear developers excited over the new hardware and interface. We heard similar excitement over the Wii’s motion controls back in 2006 and how it would changing the face of gaming, but expectations aren’t so exaggerated this time around. Now we have what sounds like a developer who can add some cool new features that they couldn’t add before, no more no less. If the Wii U offers cool new features that truly give us better gaming experiences, then that’s plenty reason for excitement.