Kingdoms of Amalur 2 was already in the works

So it seems as though 38 Studios’ Big Huge Games had a big future planned for their newly created universe before the regrettable closing of their studio offices. According to knowledgeable sources close to Joystiq, the company was already in pre-production with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 2 before their bevy of financial problems came about.

Planned new features included higher graphical fidelity, no loading between zones, improved combat animations, fewer branching quests and a greater effect on the world from the decisions of the player. According to a source who wanted to remain anonymous, “it was going to be all about improving on everything.”

Even though Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee even went as far as to say the game failed”, with Amalur needing sell 3 million copies just to break even, the title still shifted an admirable 1.2 million units over the span of 90 days, which is really good for a brand new IP. But obviously, it was not good enough to save the developers in the long run.

Former employees did want to express that the 50 million dollars from Rhode Island tax dollars which led to the collapse of the studio had nothing to do with Amalur, but was money that went directly towards their ambitious MMO project. Also, they claim that 38 Studios provided guidance for Amalur, but do not produce any assets, and that they pretty much “didn’t work on it at all.” Interesting.

This just goes to show you what a cut-throat industry this can truly be.