Sonic Picnic releasing Awesomenauts soundtrack

Despite a pre-release hiccup, Awesomenauts went on to be released and has received some decent reviews. Developer Ronimo Games have now announced plans to release the full game soundtrack. For now, fans can download the extended theme song here (it’ll cost you a tweet or a Facebook status).

Sonic Picnic, who made the music for Awesomenauts, is working to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp. There is no exact release date, but the plan is to get the soundtrack out by this Friday (June 1st).

In the meantime, Ronimo is working on getting a new patch that will make some balancing tweaks. A few things that will change in the balance patch: Leon’s slow upgrades & tongue, Voltar’s drones & healing, Yuri’s timebubble and Froggy G’s whirlwind shield. There is no final ETA on when the patch will go live.

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