Leaked Halo 4 images reveal some intriguing info

With E3 literally right around the corner, details on big exclusives titles are bound to be unintentionally shared among the masses before the show, right? Well, this proves true for the case of Halo 4 at least. Some disgustingly blurry images have recently leaked from a reddit user that are supposedly showcasing some in-game pictures of new weapons and loadout options that will be made available to players. While these may very well be fake, they look pretty legitimate considering the information that has already been released on the title.

Things to take note of:

Loadouts include your primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade, Armor Ability, Tactical Package and Support Package. Also, a list of Armor Abilities and Tactical Packages (which seem kind of like perks, for the lack of a better word) can be seen. I’m assuming the Support Packages have to do with the new ordinance drops and stuff of that nature, but who knows?

Armor Abilities displayed are Promethean Vision, Regeneration Field, Hologram, Hardlight Shield, Active Camouflage and Thruster Pack.

Tactical Packages shown are Resupply, Grenadier, Awareness, Shielding and Armor Ability Efficiency.

Customizable loadouts? Tactical Packages? Support Packages? Let’s hope Halo 4 isn’t merely trying to mimic the ever-popular but seemingly much-despised Call of Duty series.