Dawnguard for the 360 will have a beta; sign up now to help crunch some bugs

Enjoy exploring a vast array of fantastical landscapes? Like the game Skyrim? Own an Xbox 360 console? Then here’s some news for you!…or something like that.

Starting now, Xbox 360 players can sign up for the beta for Dawnguard, the first expansion of Skyrim that involves flying demons, crazy blue-flamed horses and vampires galore. All you have to do is visit the official website, where you can register and be given the chance to play-test the full expansion, which includes achievements and everything.

Let’s hope this will help provide for a more stable and less bug-ridden experience when the final version is released. Oh, and the beta is exclusively for the Xbox 360. Sorry PS3 and PC players, but at least you can expect a less “glitchtastic” affair when this DLC finally comes out. Well, that’s the expectation at least.