Dead Space 3 details: competitive multiplayer is out, co-op is in

Dead Space is one of the few new IPs founded this console generation to really get a strong following with the gaming community at large. With that in mind, info about Dead Space 3 is always more than welcome, and in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, the folks at Visceral Games revealed a few significant changes.

For starters, the campaign can be played in full with a friend by your side. With two protagonists now in the mix (Isaac Clark and John Carver from the graphic novel promo that dropped not too long ago), the option for co-op makes sense not just in a “Hey that’d be cool” sense, but also a story sense. And with that, a co-op playthrough will reveal additional cutscenes and dialog for players. What may be sad news to some (though I can’t imagine many), though, is the removal of any form of competitive multiplayer.

Other additions are also mentioned, like the addition of a cover system, and new monsters with names like Feeder, Fodder, and Snow Beast. Most interesting, though, is mention that this game will be “less linear” than the games in the series thus far. There is mention of larger environments and “unique beta missions” which is a marketing spin on “side quests.”

Either way, that’s an addition that sounds pretty exciting. Adding a sense of exploration to the creepiness these games have to offer is a recipe for tension I can only hope is completely awesome. And to share it with a friend? Oh hell yes.

Dead Space has seen success for good reason, and with that is hope that E3 shows us that this game will truly stack up to its predecessors.