More Splinter Cell: Blacklist details unearthed

Ubisoft premiered footage of Splinter Cell: Blacklist during Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier today, and as impressive as it was, a few details went unmentioned.

“A group of rogue nations have had enough of the United States’ military presence in their countries. In an effort to force the withdrawal of the U.S. forces, they mastermind ‘The Blacklist,’ a countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. assets.” Playing as the iconic Sam Fisher, you will infiltrate these terrorist groups and try to prevent those attacks from happening using anything and everything at your disposal; gadgets, goggles, brutal takedowns and more.

As for the technical aspects of the title, Blacklist introduces voice recognition via Kinect on Xbox 360 and a “killing-in-motion” feature which basically means you’ll drop thugs in fast-paced, fluid motions without ever letting go of the action.

That’s what we know so far but we’re expecting to get a better grip on this title during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference which starts in roughly two and a half hours. You can watch that here.