Sponsored video: Stride

Who of us doesn’t think of chewing gum when having girl trouble? Here with an attempt to convince us to diversify — and kick like a Spartan, because that’s always handy — is a new commercial from Stride, telling the short tale of a guy, his ex and, wouldn’t you know it, a stick of gum. An “epic tale of love, loss and chewing,” they call it.

Watch it below:

It all starts with the metaphorical heart-shaped froth, destroyed by an oh so sad spoon in the hands of a man reflecting his current inner emotions. In walks the cause of his heartache, a girl!

Not ready to give up on her affection just yet, he jumps up — after mumbling something or other about her going veg not having done her any favors, and running through a number of humorous (if somewhat odd) sweep-her-off-her-feet scenarios in his head — to open the door for her, and to say a simple “Hello.”

It works. She responds in kind. If not epic right then and there, then certainly the beginning of something that would mix with the celebration that ensues.

Editorial note: This post is sponsored by Stride.