Ubisoft reveals Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has just closed out an incredibly strong E3 press conference with the debut of a new IP; Watch Dogs, developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

The game’s rather overwhelming intro trailer planted themes of power control, utilizing electronic devices. When a gameplay demo started up moments later we were introduced to a third-person game that took these themes to heart. We saw a protagonist disable a guards phone for a distraction, allowing entrance into a club where he met with a contact and then escaped by listening in on security frequencies.

In the heat of the chase the player turned a set of traffic lights to green, causing a huge traffic collision. An intense gunfight then played out on the streets, using the crashed cars as cover. When all enemies were dealt with, the player found his target inside one of the cars and executed him. As he escaped the scene, we switched over to another character who then made his own mysterious exit.

It didn’t come with much in the way of a real explanation but it certainly was exciting. A viral site has been set up, though. No platforms or dates were given either. Perhaps, just perhaps this is a next-gen project, then?