Unreal Engine 4 details out

With E3 just around the corner it seems some people just can not wait. Details of Unreal Engine 4 have been outed via the NeoGaf forums by forum user ImLibo. These were originally intended to be listed in the latest issue of GameInformer but here they are for your viewing pleasure, typos and all:

Unreal Engine 4 has a 10 page article in the newest GI
Heres some tidbits:

•Epic talked with hardware manufacturers like Intel,AMD,Nvidia and qualcomm to workout a tech road map.
•the demo GI saw was running on a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
•New image based Lens Flare tech,occurs dynamically.
•UE4 capable of producing one million particles at once with no hit to game peformance.
•planning to release UE4 dev kit soon
•Epic wants “to empower game designers,to take charge of as much of the game production process as possible”
•”Next gen will be about alot of things besides just next-gen graphics performance”
•UE4 being designed for a decade that starts with the advent of next gen consoles

•entire creation process streamlined,Designers can edit and recompile source code without leaving the editor,take control of the game anytime they want.

•”new interface empowers designers to tweak basic programming without having to call over a programmer,Tech artists will be able to create complex assets and programmers can expose certain values for designers as needed to give them access to simple tweaks”

So as you can see its a lot to take in and to be honest quite a bit of it is way above me. Luckily we should have some nice man/woman take us through it at E3. The take home message seems to be that they intend for the engine to be around for quite some time, so it could be a while till we see a game fully take it to the limit.