The Last of Us gameplay footage debuts at E3

No doubt one of the highlights of Sony’s E3 press conference, and E3 for that matter, was Naughty Dog finally showing off its third-person survival title The Last of Us. It’d be safe to say a lot of us had been waiting for this moment to come and not only did it close Sony’s conference in style, it was totally worth the wait, too.

In this demo, we join main characters Joel and Ellie as they fight off the unwanted while trying to reach the outskirts of the city and, well, basically stay alive. The close combat is intensely visceral, brutal and packs quite a punch… or two, as you’ll shortly notice, and the AI is impressively responsive and savvy to however any given situation plays out.

However, as great as most aspects of the game are, the lack of a release date or even a launch window may have made the wait ever longer than any would’ve hoped it would be.