Dust 514 details emerge; PS Home, betas, Vita companion app

We’re sure there were reasons for its absence, but you’d think that a PlayStation 3 exclusive, like Dust 514 here, would’ve been showcased during Sony’s E3 press conference. But the fact of the matter is that it wasn’t, so here we are talking about it instead.

In addition to the new trailer you’ll get to in just a moment, CCP announced that Dust 514 now has its own space in PlayStation Home (yes, it’s still a thing), where players can unite to talk about the game and get up close and personal with the new Eden universe. The first 10k visitors will get “all access” beta keys which guarantees them access to all future betas events held during the summer. For those late to the party, additional beta keys will be distributed throughout the season.

The Dust 514 PlayStation Home space will be accessible during the summer, with no end date in sight just yet.

Participants that register at dust514.com/beta will be chosen at random to participate in the first beta event, which is to be held on June 29th and will run throughout the weekend. New players are still welcome to sign up if interested.

CCP also announced the PlayStation Vita companion app, Dust 514: Neocom, which will focus on customization, communication and trade. Players can customize and configure characters as they please and create and edit load-outs (including dropsuits, weapons, equipment, modules and vehicles). The app will also access a number of social features such as the in-game Mail system and Friends List as well as let players purchase items, weapons and vehicles using “in-game earned currency” (ISK) or “purchased currency” (Aurum).

Dust 514: Neocom will launch alongside Dust 514 later this year.