New Super Mario 2, Paper Mario Sticker Star coming to 3DS

The Wii U isn’t the only Nintendo system getting a new Mario game. Nintendo’s announced that the 3DS would be getting two new Mario titles, New Super Mario 2 and Paper Mario Sticker Star.

New Super Mario 2 will be a side-scroller and features some new power ups for Mario. From gameplay footage, it looks the game will be focusing on the ability to collect tons and TONS of coins. There is a gold flower that gives Mario the ability to turn bricks into coins. One power-up I’m particularly excited to see  return is the super leaf. Veteran gamers will remember the super leaf turns Mario into Raccoon Mario, giving him the ability to fly after a short running start. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will arrive in stores August 19th.

Paper Mario Sticker Star will be the 4th installment of the Paper Mario series. This time around, the game will focus on stickers Mario is trying to collect throughout Mushroom Kingdom. Mario will use these stickers as power-ups to defeat enemies. For example, if you collect a shoe sticker you’ll be able to stomp your enemies or a hammer sticker to smack them down. Paper Mario Sticker Star will be available this holiday season.

Watch the E3 demo footage below:

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