Sponsored video: Lego Hero Factory

Lego has rolled out a number of new video adverts for its game, Hero Factory (not to be confused with Hero Academy, which I managed to do right off the bat).

The Unity-based game allows Lego and hero maniacs alike to create and customize their own characters and, what else, deal damage to those who deserve it. Next to being playable on in a web browser, an app of the title is also available for download on the App Store (both iPhone and iPad versions are available).

As a nice little plus, the game is free-to-play where ever you choose to play it.

There’s a Lego set of characters available for purchase too, so it’s got a bit of a cross-media thing going on for itself as well.

To give it all a push, the company that blocks built has released a series of videos and trailers for the property, a few of which you can check out below. They’re live-action, if you will, with actual Legos being used in these little mini stories.
Have a look:

Editorial note: This post is sponsored by Lego.