If Gears of War 4 happens, it’s happening next-gen only

In a recent interview with Epic’s big man himself Cliff Bleszinski, if Gears of War 4 was to be eventually made, hypothetically speaking of course, it wouldn’t be released on any current-gen consoles.

It is now officially, positively confirmed that Gears of War: Judgment will indeed be the last Gears game coming out on the Xbox 360.

According to Blenszinski, Epic wanted to get “one last great Gears on there” before they eventually have to “move on the next console.” While the studio People Can Fly are the main developers of Judgment, Epic is still lending some of its weight to the title, with people from both companies working on it and playtesting it daily.

Epic’s next-gen plans already seem to be in full-effect however, with its latest Unreal Engine 4 being showcased at E3 today.