Miyamoto at work on new game, hoping for announcement a year from now

While most Nintendo fans just seem to be happy with Shigeru Miyamoto’s long-awaited reveal of Pikmin 3 during Nintendo’s press conference at E3 earlier this week, the famed game designer is already in the planning stages of another upcoming project.

“One thing I want to clear up — people like to ask me if I want to do a small project with a small team,” Miyamoto said to Joystiq during an interview held during E3. “I do like working with a small team, and I’m working with a number of small teams on a lot of different ideas, but the problem is because of all these different roles that I have to fulfill, it takes me a long time to write the design document.”

How long of a time? Enough that he cautioned that we might have to wait until “maybe this time next year” for any sort of an announcement, which would take us to E3 2013 — wherever it may be held.

With how long we were made to wait for Pikmin 3, a year doesn’t seem so bad, right?