Ryse still coming, “no doubt”

Crytek’s Ryse, announced as Codename Kingdoms way back in 2010, has been AWOL ever since its E3 showing last year. After missing this year’s show, it’s only fair a question or two get lobbed Microsoft’s way.

It’s still very much in development, it turns out. The platform holder is “just not at a point right now to show the game,” Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, tells Joystiq.

“We’re still working with Crytek, we’re still extremely committed to the relationship, but we want to make sure that we’re putting our best foot forward every time we show the game.

“You’ll see more about that game, no doubt.”

Previously said to offer a “cinematic, action-packed Kinect experience,” the hands-off peripheral may now play a smaller role though. When quizzed if Ryse is still a Kinect game as before, Spencer said: “Kinect will be part of the game, absolutely.”

For a reminder what the title’s all about, have a look at the year-old trailer below.