Star Wars: The Old Republic players just too fast

If you’re playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, or were just about to, stop right now. According to BioWare,  players are exhausting content with their ” record breaking” play sessions. Lead game designer Daniel Erickson admitted that they weren’t prepared for the hours players put in to begin with.

“They were moving through it at a rate of six hours on average for a gameplay time. People were just not putting The Old Republic down. We looked at games that had come before in order to figure out where we expected people to be. What we found was that people played far more at the beginning.”

As unpredictable as gamers’ playing habits are it seems a little rich blaming the lack of end game content on your player base being to competent. The Old Republic has experienced mixed fortunes since it launched last year, a strong set of reviews hasn’t stopped the game’s subscriber base taking a drop from 1.7 million to 1.3 million. BioWare recently announced a brand spanking new free trial launching this July, allowing you to play all the way to lvl 15. But not too fast.