No Reckoning sequel — Epic

Hoping that — seeing as they’re picking up a lot of developers from Big Huge Games — Epic will be making a sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? Stop. Never going to happen.

The developer’s Mark Rein has ended any such dreams with a single sentence: “We don’t buy IP, we make IP.”

Rein also divulged a bit of how picking up all those workers happened, painting prez Mike Capps as the knight in white: “Mike is the total hero there.

“They called him on Wednesday, interested in using one of our IPs. He flew them up the next day and they met with a whole bunch of people, and the board of directors of Epic. We made the call right there: ‘These guys are awesome, we need to work with them.'”

News of Epic planning to open a new Baltimore studio for the 38 folks arrived this Monday. Catch up here.