Playstation Plus now features more new games

At Sony’s E3 press conference last week, SCE America president Jack Tretton talked about an “amplified” new PS Plus that will feature the addition of many new games to the digital library. Fans were left wondering what else would be changing about the subscription service.

As Senior Director of PlayStation Digital Platforms Jack Buser explains, not much will be different beyond the larger amount of free games available.

“Everything that you’ve enjoyed from PlayStation Plus remains very much the same,” says Buser. “It’s still the same PlayStation Plus. So if you love the huge discounts, if you love the exclusive access to betas, if you love the other things that are also delivered by the service, you’re going to see that those other things are still a part of PlayStation Plus.”

In other words, the only real change made to PS Plus is the increase in free games. It’s not as though that’s a bad thing, though. The only catch is that players must remain subscribed to PS Plus in order to play the games they download. Of course, the business aspect of the service wouldn’t make much sense if that weren’t the case.