Success rate of Kickstarter game projects below 50%

While it’s always heart-warming to heart about an independent game being funded by fans on Kickstarter, research shows that more often than not, such projects fail to reach their funding goals.

Appsblogger made a bunch of pretty cool graphs showing that although the overall success rate on Kickstarter is around 50%, the success rate in the “Games” category is only 43%. Only three of Kickstarter’s 13 categories have lower success rates than that.

However, that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t passionate about their videogames. The Games category over time has actually raised $22.7 million, which is less than only three other categories. Games also rank third in the amount of users participating, with 499,562 backers.

These numbers point to a lot of fans and money being concentrated on a relatively small number of projects. That makes a lot of sense when you consider that the videogame industry in general is carried by a few IPs, each with its own rabid fan base.