Watch Dogs multiplayer will go mobile, SmartGlass-style

Should you have missed any of the press conferences held at E3 this year, let us point you to Microsoft’s SmartGlass feature as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs multiplayer will have just that type of connectivity between home consoles and mobile devices.

During an interview, Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay explained that the game’s tagline, “everything is connected,” will be a reflection on its multiplayer, in which the ambition is to connect the living room experience with the mobile one. Basically, Ubisoft wants you to play the game whenever, wherever with whoever.

“We want to have gameplay that’s in the mobile, so you don’t have to own the mobile – but if you want to do it, you’re going to have specific gameplay that is connected to your progression and to your control of the city that you start building in the living room version,” said Guay. “If your friends are in Watch Dogs you’re able to connect with them through the mobile.”

“The plot is that everything is connected and connection is power, so for us we’re working really hard to mesh all the players of Watch Dogs together.”

It should be noted that Watch Dogs is not actually implementing SmartGlass, but rather its own tech that resembles that of Microsoft’s. As to what Guay had to say about this, it’s “a coincidence, but it’s more than a coincidence because a lot of people now are using that type of interface, it’s something that’s really promising.”