EA keen to revisit old IP

Not content to leave well alone, EA are more than keen to bring back as many old IPs as they can. Frank Gibeau, the man responsible for the EA Labels business recently revealed to CVG that there are “numerous brands” that could do with a revamp. I’m more than happy to see a fresh look on games that would suit it, but the last thing anybody wants it their precious memories trampled all over while the stench of desperation lingers in the air (perhaps a tad over dramatic?).

EA have already attempted one or two of these “remakes” with varied levels of success. As far as critical reception goes, we have SSX on one side and the recent Syndicate reboot on the other. What comes next? Well there’s a pretty impressive back catalog to flick through, Gibeau himself put forth a few ideas.

“There are numerous IPs that I think about all the time like Command & Conquer and Sim City – which is a brand we’ve brought back after seven years.”

One thing is for certain, if you’re going to revisit series’ that big, you better tread very carefully.