Nintendo won’t pay for exclusives — Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has nothing against exclusive Wii U titles, but you won’t see the man pay for such arrangements.

That’s very much unlike Microsoft and Sony, who have on quite a few occasions paid developers in order to secure exclusive content for their respective machines.

But that’s not the Nintendo way, as Iwata explains: “While Nintendo is not entirely opposed to exploring the option [of exclusive games], I don’t think it would be an appropriate course of action for Nintendo to get into a battle with a company like Microsoft over the cost or the expense of trying to go head to head in a situation to try to obtain exclusive rights.

“If a third-party developer or publisher has come up with an idea of a potentially very unique use of the Wii U functionality with such a device, there is a high possibility that Nintendo will be a partner with that third-party in an unprecedented manner.”

No exclusive Call of Duty DLC on Wii U then.