TES Online “accessible to anyone,” designer says

MMO fan or not, The Elder Scrolls Online will be for you. Or so says a man with everything to gain from such a statement.

Nick Konkle, lead gameplay and combat designer for the game, says the game has been designed so that it would be “accessible to anyone”.

“It’s a game that’s accessible to anyone. It isn’t the slower paced combat from the previous generation of MMOs,” he’s told CVG (via). “We’ve really tried to make it feel responsive, tactical, and action-packed, which is what I think a Skyrim player might expect from this type of game.”

Furthermore: “I think what you are going to find is both the Elder Scrolls lore that you’re familiar with, but really brought into a new setting. You should be really comfortable with what you find there.”

The game is currently attached to a vague 2013 launch window.