Valve continues to pursue global domination, hires an economist

Oh the exciting world of economics. Don’t you just love analyzing and theorizing about the consumption and production of random goods across the nation?

Well, it seems like it’s an important topic for Valve to ponder over, as they have recently hired an economics professor named Yanis Varoufakis to lend his talents towards the wide-variety of experimental economies that litter Valve’s micro-transaction and free-to-play services.

Apparently, Valve president Gabe Newell discovered Varoufakis after reading his various blog posts discussing the economic imbalance between Germany and Greece. With his interest piqued, Newell proceeded to send Varoufakis an email asking if he would be interested in working for Valve. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

While Varoufakis is not very familiar with videogames, his blog will now be dedicated to reporting on Valve’s countless projects and social economic ideas. I wonder if he’ll advise Valve to release Half-life 3 already, as anyone could attest that it would be beneficial for the company on a financial level.