Next Xbox design doc leaks — rumor

A two year old design document for the next-gen Xbox has supposedly leaked. This could well be a hoax, so take everything with a giant chunk of salt, as Microsoft confirms nor denies the following.

Said to come complete with a Blu-ray compatibility, augmented reality glasses, and Kinect 2.0, the system is set for a 2013 launch, at frighteningly cheap price point of $299.99.

The recently announced SmartGlass is also mentioned.

The document in full spans 56 pages, with a few (unspecified) things in there ringing true, according to Kotaku sources. Though it’s still called an outdated collection info at best.

The doc originally posted on Scribd, though it’s been removed at the request of law firm Covington and Burling due to copyright infringement. The firm has worked with Microsoft before.

GI still has the doc here though (*.pdf link) if you want to shift through it all.