The revisions of handhelds continue; 3DS XL revealed

So yeah, a new version of the 3DS has been unveiled via the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Shocking revelation, I know.

This new device, called the 3DS LL in Japan and the 3DS XL in the West, comes with larger screens, providing for an extra 90% view area. To be exact, the top screen is 4.88 inches, while the bottom one is 4.18 inches.

The battery life will also be longer than the original 3DS, though the AC adapter won’t be included with the handheld itself to keep costs at a minimum. That’s…weird. Oh, and why the lack of a second analog stick? Very bizarre business decisions by Nintendo.

Anyways, the 3DS XL will retail for $199.99 and will be released on August 19. Be excited I guess?