THQ troubles have had “pretty much zero” effect on Homefront 2 — Crytek

The happenings at THQ have had little to no bearing on the development of Homefront 2, Crytek has said.

The sequel’s development was handed to Crytek after THQ shut down the original’s developer, the NY-based Kaos Studios, who also created Frontlines: Fuel of War for the publisher.

While THQ has gone through a restructuring, there’s been “pretty much zero” change in how the game’s progression has been affected in that time, according to Crytek boss Cevat Yerli.

“There’s been no tangible change whatsoever,” he says. “There have been a few meetings and the introduction of people and those meetings are always very transparent.”

He explains further: “To be fair, the way we’re developing Homefront 2 is very isolated anyway. We’re treating it as our own new IP and at the same time THQ is respecting us and saying, ‘you guys know what you’re doing’ and telling us the story they’d like to have, which we’re collaborating creatively on.”

Crytek UK, formerly Free Radical, is the force behind the sequel. It’s expected in fiscal 2014.