Seems like those leaked next-gen Xbox docs are the real deal

Remember earlier this week when those two-year-old documents outlining the features of the next Xbox console were leaked? Well, as most people guessed given how long the freaking thing is, they actually appear to be legitimate, to a certain extent at least.

It’s now being reported that an anonymous developer has indeed confirmed that the design materials are “genuine but should not be considered totally reliable.”

In the lengthy outline of the console, the tentatively titled “Xbox 720” would be four to six times as powerful as the ever-aging Xbox 360 and would include a Blu-ray drive, crazy augmented reality glasses, Xbox SmartGlass connectivity, and an upgraded Kinect. How much would all this run for you might ask? Supposedly, $299.99 in the US with a launch in late 2013. Seems a little on the cheap side to me.

Given the fact that these documents date back to 2010, certain aspects of Microsoft’s future console most certainly have been altered in some ways since then. The real question is which of these features will actually remain in the final build? Only our future selves know for sure at this point.