Art In Games: Rage

If I had to label Rage in some way, having just finished it, I’d go with “slightly above average,” because even though I had minimal issues with the gameplay mechanics, the shallow story and the contrasting visuals would eventually break the experience for me. At first sight, the game is absolutely gorgeous; the environments look magnificent, eye-candy all around. That is, until I shifted my focus away from what was a mile ahead of me and paid attention to the details an arm’s length in front of me instead; those blurry, low-res texture pop-ins didn’t get any sharper once they did.

Fortunately enough, the concept art that eventually led up to all of the above — which interestingly enough brought me back to Nicolas Bouvier, who we met last week as we featured Halo 4 — is a sight for sore eyes to behold.

The added bonus would be Eliott Lilly‘s illustrations of Rage in development.