What’s the next Skyrim DLC? Bethesda doesn’t know

You may want to take your sweet time with Skyrim‘s newly-released Dawnguard DLC; there probably won’t be new content for a good while, seeing as Bethesda is yet to start working on it. Or even decide what it’ll be about.

Speaking in a recent chat, lead artist Matt Carofano said that the studio wouldn’t be starting on new DLC until Dawnguard was out.

“Once it’s out we’ll see how it goes and see what could happen in the future,” he said, also explaining where the need for Dawnguard came from in the first place: “We want to expand and add to the game to make it better, and Vampires were something that we really hadn’t told a good story with — hadn’t really developed much — so we wanted to focus the DLC on that.”

Dawnguard is out on Xbox Live now, for 1600MS Points. PC and PS3 will get it at a later date.