Guild Wars 2 launches August 28

I bet a lot of gamers have been waiting for this news. The launch date for Guild Wars 2 has been confirmed to on August 28th for both the North American and European regions of the world.

With such a large release on hand, anticipated games like these normally tend to be blacked out as players try to log in all at once and end up clogging the servers.  With the upcoming Beta Weekend Event being held from July 20th to the 22nd to continue testing the servers, AreaNet hopes to mitigate that problem.  Let it be known that in order to participate in Beta Weekend Events, you must first pre-purchase the game.  Just a reminder that the upcoming Weekend Event will be the last, so if you meet the requirements and haven’t tried it out this is your last chance to do so.  AreaNet has stated they will continue to polish the game  to ensure the smoothest experience when playing on launch day.