Codemasters possibly working on new IP aimed at next-gen consoles

Codemasters might be developing a new IP for “true next-gen consoles” – according to the resume of a former employee, which states that she was working “on an unannounced AAA title spanning at least 6 platforms and true “next-gen” consoles”.

Codemasters has predominantly found their fortune in the quality racing games that they are well known for.Could this be one such title for the next rendition of the Xbox and Playstation consoles?

The resume states that she helped develop the new “EGO 2 engine”, and that the game in question “will also be the first game to use Codemaster’s new engine EGO 2.” With highly acclaimed games such as Colin Mcrae: Dirt and Race Driver: Grid under their belts and the new Codemasters Racing label recently announced, that they have realized that the genre is their strong point and will be sure to capitalize on it.
Their next scheduled title is F1 2012 which releases in September of this year.