DLC was a “mistake” says Castlevania producer

In lieu of Castlevania: Lord of Shadow‘s popularity, producer Dave Cox admits that he believes the downloadable content was “rushed”.

“When you have success there’s pressure on you to bring something else to market very quickly,” he said. “And I think it was wrong of us to do that.”

Cox believes DLC should add on via side stories to enhance the main plot, so expect plenty of extra hours come DLC for Lord of Shadows 2.

“I think we enriched the story that we wanted to tell, but I think if we were going to do DLC again it would have to be planned right from the get go. And it wouldn’t be something that would try to build upon an ending-it would be something that’s perhaps a side story that enriches the original story. If we were going to do DLC again it would be something much more carefully considered.”