Increasing number of gamers buying games digitially

According to the consumer market research group NDP, more than one third of gamers said they would rather shop digitally for their games in 2012. A report on the spending habits of gamers was compiled by the NDP based upon a survey of 8,500 individuals.

This change comes as a  10% increase from the number of gamers who said they would prefer to own digital copies in the 2011 report.

Although digital distribution has been common practice with PC gaming publishers for a number of years now, the method is becoming increasingly popular in the console world as well. With full console titles made downloadable from hubs such as  Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, the increase in people buying digitally should come  as no surprise.

Nintendo also recently announced that they would be releasing game titles for their new Wii U console as well as the 3DS through digital distribution.

The report also gave some insight into the trend of using gaming devices for entertainment activities other than gaming. Many of those surveyed admitted to spending less money on gaming because of other entertainment options offered on the same device , and 20% of those surveyed said they use their consoles for entertainment other than gaming.