The Expendables 2 exploding onto consoles

Videogame adaptations of movies have a chequered past, just like the stars of The Expendables 2. Maybe this could be the game to turn things around, after all no-one expected the first Expendables to be the B-Movie fun-fest that it was.

Acting as a direct prequel to the forthcoming movie, the plot revolves around the rescue of a kidnapped billionaire in what promises to be a corpse laden, take no prisoners, bullet storm; at least if it keeps true to the over the topĀ  movie franchise.

Confirmed features include competitive leaderboard-led multiplayer, vehicular combat, a range of exotic locations, and guns, lots of guns.

The character model of Stallone will hopefully look more realistic than he does in real life.

Ubisoft will be shooting The Expendables 2 into the faces of PS3, Xbox 360/Live Arcade, Windows and PC download soon.