EA will eventually be 100 percent digital says exec

EA Games president Frank Gibeau has made it clear that his company is preparing for an all-digital future.

“It’s in the near future. It’s coming,” said Gibeau in a recent interview. “We have a clear line of sight on it and we’re excited about it. Retail is a great channel for us. We have great relationships with our partners there. At the same time, the ultimate relationship is the connection that we have with the gamer. If the gamer wants to get the game through a digital download and that’s the best way for them to get it, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Of course, the transition is not going to happen overnight, but Gibeau was explicit about 100% digital distribution being the future of EA.

“But if customers want to buy a game at retail, they can do that too,” he said, “We’ll continue to deliver games in whatever media formats make sense and as one ebbs and one starts to flow, we’ll go in that direction.”

“For us, the fastest growing segment of our business is clearly digital and clearly digital services and ultimately Electronic Arts, at some point in the future…we’re going to be a 100 percent digital company, period. It’s going to be there some day. It’s inevitable.”

Last year, EA earned $1.2 billion in revenue on digital content alone.