No threat in mobile — Battlefield dev

The massive mobile success we’ve seen in recent years  won’t eat into consoles or PC, DICE man Karl-Magnus Troedsson is of the opinion. Talking to Edge recently, the Battlefield developer’s general manager said that the growing playground is good for the types of games he develops, even.

“People are playing more on their mobile devices, but I don’t see people playing on other SKUs as a problem for triple-A developers. It’s actually the contrary,” Troedsson explains. “I think people engaging in any kind of gaming is good for all games, because it means that people will play more.”

Bringing himself, a hardcore gamer, as an example, Troedsson says that even though he plays more frequently on his on-the-go devices, his other gaming habits don’t suffer as a result.

“There will always be a demand for games that require a lot of hardware, to deliver a really hi-def experience. One thing is for sure, people will continue to want to play the best-looking games out there.”