Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to get paid DLC

Beamdog’s upcoming Baldur’s Gate remake will also get a dose of post-launch content, of the paid kind, the studio’s announced. While releasing general fixes and improvements free of charge, the plan is to also put out significant, fresh content.

Studio boss Trent Oster took to Twitter to explain: “We’ll be doing free feature improvements and existing content improvements as we go, but we are also planning some paid DLC.

“We would never DLC existing content. Any DLC content we plan to sell will be all new.

“DLC=Downloadable Content, not furry earrings +3. The big guys have overcooked the term with badness. New BG storylines, New characters.”

Baldur’s Gate will release on PC, Mac and iPad this summer. Baldur’s Gate II will be getting similar treatment.