Halo 4 to require 8GB of HDD space

New details have been revealed about the requirements for Xbox 360 owners who want to play the upcoming Halo 4. According to recently updated product page which can be viewed here, the game will require 8 gigabytes of free storage space for install to play multiplayer.

Xb0x 360 owners will have to account for this storage space with either a memory stick or a hard drive. For those with no hard drives, currently an 8 GB memory stick can be purchased for 39.99 from Microsoft. It is speculated that the required storage space may be for the downloadable content that developer 343 Industries is planning for the game, which includes downloadable missions and more weapons. 343 has stated that this additional content will be called Spartan Ops, and will be free for a year with the purchase of Halo 4.

According to 343, there will be 50 missions that will greatly extend the life of the game as well as further develop the story. Each weekly episode will reportedly contain five missions as well as a corresponding cut-scene.