New “Matches” feature in Battlefield 3 to coexist with shooting dudes

For Battlefield 3 fans out there, the prospect of controlling who all you team up with and what customized settings you play at sounds quite fantastic. Luckily, this grand idea is actually coming into play with the new “Matches” feature.

Once this update drops, players will be able to customize nearly every aspect of their games, from friendly fire to health-regen, heck to even what weapons will be made available in a specific match. To establish a match, however, a player must have a dedicated server rented out. From there, they can determine the map settings, game mode and team size.

Players can also choose their rosters from their platoons and friends lists, which in turn, can lead to rivalries amongst teams. There’s even something called a “Warm-up Phase” before each match begins that allows players to engage each other with no kills or points being tallied. This phase will continue until everyone signals that they are indeed ready for the real deal.

This feature will be available for the PC and, surprisingly, the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. No release date has been announced yet, but as the saying goes, stay tuned for more info.