Art In Games: Dead Island

Dead Island might not have lived up to the hype that started with the beautifully twisted CG trailer released in early 2011, although I wouldn’t know anything about that not having played the game myself, so it would be wrong of me to pass judgement. That said, critics (both professional and your average Joe gamer) seem to be [mostly] unanimous in their reviews, basically saying Dead Island wasn’t everything they expected it to be. You’d think this one would knock it out of the park, but it only goes to show that the premise of a gorgeous, tropical, open world infested with a flesh-eating zombie outbreak isn’t always enough. But hey, it must have done some things right, because, after all, we are getting Dead Island Riptide.

Below are some concepts created by Artur Sadlos who’s also worked on games across a wide variety of genres such as nail’d, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Shaun White Skateboarding and the Call of Juarez franchise, among others.