Sir Paul McCartney working with Bungie

Strange news.  Paul McCartney tweeted earlier today about writing music with Bungie, which was accompanied by this photo:

Marty O'Donnell and Paul McCartney

That’s Marty O’Donnell, Bungie’s Audio Lead and the composer of the Halo franchise, pictured with Sir Paul in this hand-waving photo.

This is head-scratch worthy; why pair O’Donnell with a singer songwriter like McCartney? Sir Paul does have some classical credits to his name, but most would not consider that his strength.  While my respect for McCartney lies primarily within his Beetles-era material, O’Donnell has been consistently awesome throughout his work with Bungie on the Halo Franchise, and I hope this pairing is mutually agreeable and not Activision’s attempt to pump a headline-worthy name into Bungie’s new IP.  McCartney has written some of the finest melodies in rock history, something any composer can respect, so there is potential for greatness here.

I’m sure O’Donnell has plenty of respect for McCartney — who wouldn’t, the dude is a Beatle — but I hope McCartney shares an open mind about game composition.  One Final Effort from Halo 3 still remains one of my favorite videogame pieces.