Can I get a realistic first-person war game?

When you spend almost a year in a war zone you get some pretty good perspectives on things. How much your life is worth, what bullets actually sound like going over your head, what explosions really look like and how badly videogames depict war. It’s almost common knowledge at this point that first-person shooters that are set in modern warzones are about 70%-100% wrong. I’m not talking about the location of the game or names of weapons or any of that crap, I’m talking about what it actually feels like to be in a combat zone.

You can pick up any Call of Duty or Battlefield game and see what I’m talking about. The player gets shot ten times and five seconds later he regains all his health, a grenade blows up fifteen feet away and you don’t take any damage, bullets can somehow blow up vehicles, you can shoulder fire a twenty five pound machinegun with ridiculous accurarcy, you can put practically any attachment you want on any weapon and the list goes on and on and on and on. Unfortunately these things do not occur in the real world and if they did wars would be much more interesting. I completely understand why these are in shooters and I’m not asking for a complete overhaul of the first-person shooter genre, but just one game where all of the for mentioned crazyness is removed.

All of these things are put in videogames because it’s not “fun” to have to lay down everytime you want to shoot that twenty five pound machine gun or it’s not “fun” to get shot one time in the chest and fall down until a medic comes on by to give you a hand. Have you ever ran with eighty pounds of gear on? It’s not easy, it’s not “fun” and jumping is also just plain impossible. Calling in an airstrike does not take a few seconds, it takes a lot longer than that and the damage it does is more than what videogames depict. Also no one walks around with their weapon at the ready (holding your weapon up looking down the sights) all the time, that would just be weird and tiring as hell. Can someone just make a realistic war game!!!

Every time I hear some new first-person shooter or third-person shooter come out and they say “This is going to be the most realistic war game ever!” I scoff at the notion because little do these game developers know, I can see the future. What I see is a game with great potential that didn’t want to take the chance and change things up a bit. Everyone just follows the beat of the drum and what you get is semi-annual games with the same stuff you just got done playing with 6 months ago.

Not asking for a lot here people, really not. The reason I want these things is because sprinting down a trench, knifing every person with a bad internet connection is not fun to me. I like a game where you actually have to think about your next move and where teamwork is the key to victory, not utter chaos and whoever is on the team with the guy who can no-scope opponents from across the map wins ten times out of ten. Granted a game like this wouldn’t be well recieved…at first. It would take a little while for realistic shooters to catch on, but I honestly believe they could be a staple of the videogame world.

There is fortunantly one game that almost got the Conway Seal of Approval. Arma II is by far the most “realistic” war game I’ve ever played. You have to repair your vehicles, medics can only heal you so far depending on where you got shot, weapons are very realistic, you can only carry so much ammo, you need to work as a team to win, the map was huge, you actually have to use anti-tank weapons to destroy tanks, your map is an actual map, getting killed from a someone 300 meters away is normal and you can’t see who killed you, you have to use commands to point something out it doesn’t just show up on the map for everyone to see automatically and so on. The reason this game is so “realistic” is because this game was originally designed to train U.S. Military personal.
















Funny story, I actually played the predessor of Arma II for training one week and I was the only person who knew what they were doing. I was pulling random weapons out of the weapons crate during our tutorial phase and blasting every target at the range. The guys who ran the training simulator asked me if I had done this training before and I told them “I have this game”. Arma II doesn’t get my seal of approval because you can still do some silly things in the game, the controls for the vehicles are pretty ridiculous sometimes, there was never a lot of people online to get a big game going, there was still unorganized chaos, a full tank crew could go unstoppable for hours and the map you played on was too big even for 64 players. The game had potential, but it just couldn’t reach out and grab it.

Maybe one day there will be a game that gets it right, but until then I’ll just cause internet genocide with an AC130 and toss sticky grenades on afk players.