Popular DayZ mod to get standalone version?

The popular zombie survival mod for Arma 2, DayZ, may be released as a full title eventually due to its popularity according to creator Dean Hall. In an interview with gaming website Eurogamer.net,  Hall talked about how the game has reached 430,000 players,  is growing at almost 10,000 a day and how he envisions the game in the future as a possible free-to-play title.

The DayZ mod uses the Arma 2 engine to place players in the middle of an open world that is infested with zombies. Players can jump online and play with others in the massive world, looking for weapons, supplies and other items which will aid in survival. Basically it’s a “realistic” zombie apocalypse simulator. With the game receiving good reception from players, the jump to a standalone f2p model could take it to the next level, with the possibility of millions of players.

To read the full interview with Hall, head over to Eurogamer.net.