Square Enix ready for next-gen

If you caught this year’s E3, this news will come as no surprise to you at all. Square Enix is tired of current gen. Their technology director Julien Merceron believes keeping the current gen alive as long as it has is “the biggest mistake ever made” by Sony and Microsoft. Merceron justifies this by explaining that developers get restless when working on a certain platform for so long, eventually seeking out greener pastures.

“They found web browsers, they found iOS, they found other things and a lot of them won’t come back to the hardware platforms. So you could look at it that thanks to Microsoft and Sony and the length of this generation, it helped the emergence of other platforms and helped them get strong before the next hardware comes out.” He explains in an interview with GamesIndustry.

Square Enix wowed the E3 crowds with Agni’s Philosophy, a tech demo using their next-gen engine “Luminous Studio”. Check out the beautiful video below: