Tekken x Street Fighter still in works for current-gen

Fighter amalgamation Street Fighter x Tekken has taken the fighting game community by storm, bringing the two vastly different worlds together for an impressive feat. It took the 3D fighters from the Tekken universe and limited them to the 2D plane that is the staple of Street Fighter games. Skeptics were abound, but the combination worked out just fine.

Its been understood that another title, Tekken x Street Fighter, has been in development as well, this time bringing the Street Fighters to the 3D realm. Unfortunately, no gameplay or details have been released since the announcement of both these titles. With Namco Bandai’s focus on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, some wonder if the title will even come out for this generation of consoles. Good news. It seems Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada intends for it to come out on PS3 and 360.

“There’s still a large number of players out there with a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 who are looking forward to the game,” Harada said. “So we feel it’s probably more relevant to get the title out to them on the current hardware.” Fingers crossed fighting fans.