CBS Films now own the film rights to Deus Ex

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution filming rights have just been acquired by CBS Films. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal will be working closely with the production team of the movie to help keep everything in perspective of the series.

“As is clear from the wild success of the game, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal know how to exceed their audience’s expectations by engineering incredible worlds,” said Terry Press, co-president of CBS Films. “No one knows ‘Human Revolution’ like the team that created it, and we look forward to working with them from day one to make a film adaptation worthy of the ‘Deus Ex‘ name.”

With big videogame movies flopping at the box office in recent years, Deus Ex now has a chance to be one of the more successful game to film adaptations…if they actually let the Square Enix and Eidos Montreal team have a part in it.